Our Cruise

Feb 26-29, 2004


(a few more 'professional' pictures to come, along with an 'action shot' - check back!)

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Here's our room. This is before Jolie got cold..

Pier stuff outside the window of our room.

Pretty cool shirt, eh??

Look what Jolie found!! Look at the Smile!!

Note the Bikinis, shorts, and T-shirts!

Wow, is that England? What a big boat!

That's my bucket of beer holding my spot..

The sun factor is so high we had to cover up to not burn!

That's that bar I forgot the name of (port Canaveral)

Look, I'm on a SHIP!

Jetty park, we've gone camping there (the one time we've gone camping in FL)

No one wanted to lean in..

Poor Jolie, too short..

All those cool neon lights messed with my camera..

The bar at the bottom of the atrium thing..

We're at sea!

Good shot of the front porch

Cruise is just started, but already the kids are in the hot tub.. (and they just stay there..)

Guess which ship we went on?

Give up???

Wow, that's a long way down!

OK, 1 last guess to what the ship's name is. (look, kids in the hot tub!)

Front porch lights. (one night they forgot to turn them on)

If the ship suddenly did a wheelie, Jolie would be lying down

Jogging part one..

Jogging 'the sequel'

Some pretty big crackers!

Look, it's Ali (for those that don't know that's one of our cat's names)

Dance music being played at that bar downstairs

The home of Lou!

Getting dark. Our first night aboard

Here I'm waving to all my fans. (OK, so I only have one and she has to be 'cause she married me)

Loving Lou....

Is easy 'cause he's beautiful...

Makin love with Lou

Is all that I want to do...

Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou,
Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou

Lou Lou Lou Lou Lou
Lou Lou Lou Lou....

Look, we're not wearing coats and sweatshirts!

I'll just have to settle for Maureen since Lou is still working..

No, don't take a picture of ME!!

Could be a scene from a movie called 'Ghost Ship'!

Here we are, in the beautiful Bahamas!

Check out the color of the water!

That little spit of land would be a pretty cool place to have a house!

We parked!

Who's that handsome guy???

Going to go ashore soon

Look, a sunny day on the deck!

Another great shot of the water's color..

I guess I wouldn't want to be in those houses in a storm..

Hey, their ship is nicer than ours....

We're way up high..

Jolie's going to play volleyball,, or maybe shuffleboard..

Ship stuff..

There's our trail to Nassau

Another shot of our trail to Nassau

Cool front porch / colorful water picture!

Waiting for the gang to head ashore!

Look there's some of them!

Jolie's on solid ground (with her stylin' hat!)

Heading in!

The 'famous' straw market. Rows and rows of straw stuff, all the same!

Most of us on the beach with our boat in the background

Another version of most of us. Didn't seem like a good idea to give the camera to a local to get all of us, they probably can run really fast!

The cars drive on the wrong side..

Take a look at the picture and see if you can guess what the bar is called..

Some things don't change. That was a public works truck, just parked there for about a half hour. On duty, no doubt!

That is some giant resort called Atlantis. All the cabs wanted to take us there..

Jolie and the Boat!

Got our stuff, we can go back to the boat and drink now..

This boat had a gang plank for the 'bad' passengers..

The boat is so BIG!!!