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thanksgiving  Thanksgiving 1997 at my house. Starting with the guy on the left facing us, we have Andy (a friend), then clockwise its Scot (partially hidden), Adrien, My Empty Chair, Jolie, Alan (my brother), and his wife Georgeanne (with her back to us..)


Christmas 97 at my brother Alan's house. Starting in front of us and going clockwise is Scot, Georgeanne, MY MOM, Alan, and Jolie.. christmas at alans 


Adrien, Wendy and Pete on Wendy's wedding day at her home in NH 6/97

Wendy and Pete's wedding

Jolie Paul and Ruth  ^Jolie, Ruth, and Paul left to right. Paul is Jolie's brother, Ruth his girlfriend. Below is Paul driving his golfcart (or attempting to..) Rebecca is in the back, Ruth's sister.

Paul and golf cart

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