Been quite some time, so will put some update pictures here.

This stuff will probably get its own page at some point, but just wanted to put up some pics.

Still need to get our new house, along with the Great Flood of 08, but need to get that together.

In the mean time, here is our newest pet:


No, not Chipper, he was already here..

Kind of gives you an idea of his size,,

Yup, even taller than Jolie and Evie put together!!

And now onto other things, our inflatable finally got a motor:

And the new speed boat (update, this one is sold, see for the newer, faster one..),,

As you can see, it is a tunnel hull (with a 200 merc that you can't see here)

And here's most of the fleet (Honey I shrunk the Boat is in the garage, and the hovercraft is under the carport) at the back yard: