My pond / iguana cage habitat

and its construction

We have had 2 iguanas, Lillie and Leener, for a number of years. They had a pretty nice cage, about 6 feet tall, 2 feet deep, and 5 feet wide. It was made out of screen, and the aluminum that a screened in pool or porch is made of. This worked out great for a number of years. During the winter, I would put plexiglas panels up over the screens, to hold in the heat. When the sun was shining, it would stay pretty warm in there (here in Orlando) even in the winter. When it was real cold, I had a little portable fan forced heater facing into one of the sides. It had a little thermostat, and worked out quite well.

As the iguanas kept growing, they managed to get out of the cage. They had torn the screen, or one time actually broke one of the access doors' hardware to get out. A couple of times I got them right back, but a couple of times they were missing for a while.

It was apparent they needed a new, stronger cage. And, it became apparent they needed it NOW!

I began my work on their cage, which also turned out to be a backyard pond project. The next several pages will document my process of building this 'habitat', along with the pictures. I am disappointed that I did not get more pictures throughout the development. I should have taken some pictures each day that I spent some reasonable time out there, but I didn't. It had been in the mid-90's while I was doing  the work; so after a day of sweating, I just sat down and had a beer (or maybe 2) rather than click photos.

I managed the entire project myself, with no help, or plans. I made some mistakes, and would have done a few things differently, but overall, it turned out quite well. We will probably wind up adding another iguana or w (there are 3 in there now), and more Koi, if the turtles don't eat them. They eat goldfish, but so far are leaving the Koi that are in there alone.

Follow the links at the bottom of the pages to continue through the development. All the pictures you see as you go through the site can be clicked on for a larger version; just hit your browsers back button to return to the thumbnails.

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