My pond / iguana cage habitat

It's Done!:

Looking from the pool deck. I need to buy some new pool tool holders, to move them out of the way (these are rusty anyway..)

Here you can see some of the 'hammock trails' they have. Interestingly enough, they still aren't really using them, I think they don't know that they are secure since they can see right through them. They look too cool to take out or change, and I'm sure they'll eventually figure out that those things work!

The pool deck screen on the inside of the cage is currently in deliberation. I bought the new aluminum posts to turn the screen around. My intention is to have the screen spline on the inside of the pool area, since I can't exactly change it on the outside, since the cage is there. Now, however, I'm debating on maybe leaving off an area, to make the vision into the pond clearer. I don't know what part will be gone until we decide what we are putting there for chairs and a table; I will go 'clear' on an appropriate height for our 'viewing chairs'.

The house has 2 level lighting; one in the main house section, and one under the floor, which lights up the bottom and pond area. Then there are 3 pond lights inside of the pond. They make a cool glow at night with the top light off, since the water has so much 'action'. The moving flowing lights reflect all over the cage screen. All 3 lights (pond, lower house, upper house) are separately X-10 controlled, which in turn, are computer controlled (I have many X-10 controls throughout the house). The 3 lights go on and off at different times automatically, but I also added a switch inside the house to switch manually.

More looks at the green hammock trails.. Lillie is on the wall in the top right.

This is the wall top section, which is their large sunning spot. I only went about a foot up from there, as Iguanas aren't all that tall. Lillie is standing up 'tall' in this picture, and fits perfectly (and she is a 4.5 foot iguana).

I put these 2 'solar' garden accent lights up there, figuring I didn't want a lot of light, and didn't want to wire anything. I had these in the closet for years, so it seemed the perfect opportunity. While they are cool, they really don't put out any light at all. They kind of glow orange at night, last for about 5 hours after sunset, which is fine for my purposes (I just always would have thought they'd put out more light). Zero maintenance is always nice, too..

Here you can see 2 of their 'basking' shelves. The near one about 2.5 feet long, the far one about 4. Since the iguanas (except Louie) don't use the hammock trails (yet anyway), I didn't make a trail to the big shelf on the other side. They climb all around the cage on the wire, instead. They do frequently sleep on the shelves.

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